What if you could monitor your brand like the stock market?


Great brands track what their customers are saying about their products and redesign their strategies based on this information

In every sector, micro and macro implications of daily life affect people’s perception of brands and their near-term and long-term prospects. Whether it’s a new product or advertising campaign launches, crisis management or consumer experience, be it positive or negative, your brand is continuously impacted by the wider world.

YouGov BrandIndex, the daily brand tracking tool continuously monitors your performance across 16 different brand health, media, and purchase funnel metrics. With BrandIndex, not only do you get a real-time picture of your brand’s health, but also that of your competitor and the entire sector. This report uses one of the brands tracked in our hospitality and travel sector that has been in the news recently; Oyo to establish the importance of Brand health, how to track it effectively and why should you track it continuously.

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With brand tracking, you can stay connected to consumers and stay ahead of your competition.


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