The Road Ahead...

Analysis of Indian Millennials' perception towards the automotive sector

The automotive industry is rapidly evolving as new technologies become available and environmental concerns draw increasing attention. Despite Industry is going through a sluggish market environment, there is an increasing demand for “smart” technologies, as well as mounting interest in electric vehicles.

To keep up with the industry, brands need to understand the impact of these developments. YouGov's latest whitepaper "The Road Ahead" explores millennials’ perceptions of the auto brands and gives a perspective on their future considerations when it comes to buying a car.

This whitepaper, using YouGov Plan & Track data:

  • Monitors the brand health of automakers through the eyes of millennial buyers
  • Explores millennials’ perspective on their future car considerations, buying journey and “Must-have” features.
  • Analyses the success story of the now-trending “Smart – SUVs”
  • Evaluates key target groups to understand their media behavior
  • Attitudes towards electric/hybrid cars


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